Building and maintaining a design system takes a lot of effort. Gravity’s goals outline at a high level why Buildit is investing in its own design system and what it expects in return for that investment.


Buildit is a digital consultancy. We make our money by helping our clients solve hard problems and deliver world-class products. Our most valuable asset is therefore the experience and know-how our staff have. Often design systems are a key component of the overall solution. Having our own design system that we can observe, use and develop is the perfect way to expand our collective expertise in this exciting field.

Living case study

What better way to showcase Buildit’s substantial design systems expertise to colleagues, clients, new recruits and the wider community than to practice what we preach and share the results?

Low maintenance

Buildit produces and maintains a website and some internal web applications. However, those do not directly contribute to our financial bottom line, so the amount of effort we can devote to them is limited. Our design system must therefore assist those products by reducing the amount of UI work that they individually require.

Consistent Buildit look and feel

Buildit is a relatively young organisation and is, in many ways, still finding its own identity and voice. Unsurprisingly, our sales collateral, website, recruitment ads, social media presences, presentations and internal applications have lacked a common tone of voice and style in the past. As our organisation matures, so must how we present ourselves. Our design system is the natural home for the guidance, assets, templates and tools that will help us create and maintain consistency.

In order to help us achieve Gravity’s goals, we have a set of principles to guide our decisions while working on Gravity.